Summary of the Topic Volume „Stem Cell Research“ (2018)

Produced at the BBAW

Editor: IAG Gene Technology Report

Stem Cell Research. Current scientific and societal developments

Berlin 2018

Patients place great hope in stem cells for the treatment of the most serious diseases that have so far been untreatable or only insufficiently treatable. But what are stem cells? Where does stem cell research stand internationally and with regard to Germany today? What is permitted in Germany in international comparison?

The anthology of the Interdisciplinary Research Group Gene Technology Report at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW) presents the current state of affairs and also discusses ethical, legal, and economic aspects of stem cell research as well as the envisaged medical implementation of the results. The IAG's sociologically motivated indicator analysis is also presented in the volume.

The summary with the core statements and recommendations for action of the IAG in German and English can be found here.