Single-cell analysis in research and medicine (2019)

Produced at the BBAW

Editors: Jörn Walter and Hannah Schickl for the Interdisciplinary Research Group Gene Technology Report at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW)

Single-cell analysis in research and medicine. Report of the Interdisciplinary Research Group Gene Technology Report

Berlin 2019 (brochure)

The new possibilities of recording programmes of all individual cells of an entire organism are currently revolutionising basic biological research and opening up far-reaching perspectives for modern person-oriented and digitalised medicine. In the statement of the IAG, renowned experts discuss the technical and biological fundamentals of single cell analyses and their concrete use for clinical application, e.g. for cancer precision medicine. The members of the IAG see single cell analysis as a future-oriented key technology for biology and medicine with major scientific and social implications. In the jointly developed recommendations for action for dealing with single-cell technologies and the single-cell data they generate, they emphasise the importance of the research field and the need to develop scientific standards for the upcoming broad clinical application.

The IAG statement can be found in German here and in English here.