Summary of the Topic Volume „Gene Therapy in Germany“ (2011)

Produced at the BBAW

Editor: IAG Gene Technology Report

Gene Therapy in Germany. An Interdisciplinary Survey

Dornburg 2011

Gene therapy research in Germany is internationally competitive. While the topic only occasionally plays a role in media coverage, specialist scientific publications convey new findings in basic research and report on isolated therapeutic successes.

In its second, updated edition, the thematic volume „Gene Therapy in Germany“ again provides a comprehensive account of gene therapy research in Germany as well as an interdisciplinary analysis including scientific and medical facts; the focus is on gene therapy on somatic cells. The legal framework, the ethically relevant questions and the public perception are also discussed - complemented in many ways by extensive numerical material.

This volume is intended as a continuation of the monitoring of gene technology issues in Germany; it thus continues the long-term and interdisciplinary project of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW) in a proven manner.  

The summary with the core statements and recommendations for action of the IAG in German and English can be found here.