Summary of the Topic Volume „Genetic Testing and Genetic Diagnosis in Germany“ (2007)

Produced at the BBAW

Editor: IAG Gene Technology Report

Genetic Testing and Genetic Diagnosis in Germany. Status quo and controversial issues

Scientific and technical innovations, a large number of established and new applications, and current political efforts to introduce specific legislations are proof of the topicality of the subject of genetic diagnostics in Germany.

Against this background, this volume provides information on the latest technical developments, gives an overview of the current legal framework and discusses individual fields of application of molecular genetic diagnostics. It also discusses questions about the status and regulation of genetic information and presents selected data on current developments in Germany.

The supplement on genetic diagnostics complements the chapter on molecular genetic diagnostics in the „Gene Technology Report“ of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW) from 2005; it thus continues the monitoring of genetic engineering developments in Germany. With its interdisciplinary orientation, the book aims to contribute to moderating the public debate.

The summary with the core statements and recommendations for action of the IAG in German and English can be found here.