Summary of the „Fifth Gene Technology Report“ (2021)

Produced at the BBAW

Editor: IAG Gene Technology Report

Fifth Gene Technology Report. State of the art and perspectives for research and application

Berlin 2021 (brochure)

In the „Fifth Gene Technology Report“, renowned experts provide an overview of current developments in the dynamic research fields of gene and cell technologies and their applications. The topics covered include genetic diagnostics, somatic gene therapy, vaccine development, stem cell and organoid research, green genetic engineering, synthetic biology, gene drives, genome editing, epigenetics and single cell analysis. In addition to the status reports, societal perceptions of genetic technologies and ethical and legal issues are discussed, including genome editing, brain organoids, and Big Data in personalized medicine. The interdisciplinary working group Gene Technology Report provides recommendations for action on key topics.

The summary of the „Fifth Gene Technology Report“ with the IAG's recommendations for action in German and English can be found here.