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Our research group documents its results and recommendations pertaining to politics, science and economics in a series of publications which began with the first German Gene Technology Report in 2005. An updated second report has followed since then as well as a number of supplements which depict selected topics in more detail.

Our publications are written in German for the German public. Where available, summaries have been provided below in English. If you require further information, please contact us.

Reports on genetic engineering in Germany

Summary of the third Gene technology report (2015), p. 38 ff.

Summary of the second Gene technology report (2009), p. 28 ff. 

Summary of the first Gene technology report (2005) currently only available in German.

Supplements on selected topics

Summary of Agricultural biotechnology (2013), p.22 ff.

Summary of Synthetic biology (2012), p.25 ff.

Summary of Gene therapy in Germany (2011), p.21 ff.

Summary of Gene therapy in Germany (2008), p.19 ff. 

Summary of GM plants (2007)

Summary of Genetic testing and genetic diagnosis in Germany (2007), p.17 ff. 

Summary of Stem cell research and cell therapy (2006) currently only available in German

Special issues

Analysis of human genome surgery. Towards a responsible evaluation (2015)